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Video: How to Fix the 2010 Depression

This video is a superb little summary. Directed by former newspaper editor and publisher Bill Still who produced the classic Money Masters, this short video puts together the quotations from a few key people.

The Fed: the godfather of the greatest con and cover-up

This video is a recording of the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC News – exposing the banks, the Fed and Congress, framing the Fed as the godfather of the greatest con and cover-up…

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Gang Stalking World

Dishonest Money – Financing the Road to Ruin

The book Dishonest Money is a remarkable summary of the global money situation that we are all enduring. The chapter titles are:

  1. Money is Power
  2. Something for Nothing
  3. The Bailout
  4. Dreaming of a New World Order
  5. BUILDING a New World Order
  6. Honest and Dishonest Money
  7. The World’s First Central Bank [the Bank of England, established in 1694]
  8. How They Do It
  9. How We Stop Them

An Addendum is about:

  1. Ten Humans and a Banker
  2. Government without Income Tax
  3. We Have the Advantage

The book is expressly written as a beginners guide, and fits that bill extremely well!

Public Debts as the Root Cause of Unsustainable Economies

This article is my answer to the invitation by Will Sharp, editor of Left Foot Forward. He asked for less than 500 words:

An economy describes activities that people perform to make a living through money. However, the fundamental difference between Cash and Credit are rarely the object of enquiry among economists. In fact, the daughter of Ellen Brown, author of The Web of Debt, wanted to write her PhD on money creation. But she was told by a professor at the London School Economics that “this is not capitalism”.

The strength of capitalism is not capital. It is the passive income that is generated through interest payments and the control over those who are forced to make such payments. It happens to individuals thanks to loan sharks and landlords. It happens to companies thanks to banks and other institutions. And it happens to nation states. That is least understood; possibly because when dealing with big numbers and enter a state of glazing rather than thinking.

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Our world balances on a sea of debt

The banks that control the world’s supply of money are no better than counterfeiters – and their system of juggling debt has left the global economy teetering on the brink of ruin. Convicted fraudster Darius Guppy offers a provocative personal view

This article appeared today in the Sunday Telegraph.

Why we should know about the National Debt

Every thinking citizen should know about the National Debt. For it has many different effects:

1. the government forces tax payers to produce interest payments
2. only rich individuals and privileged institutions can buy government bonds to benefit from secure interest payments
3. the State abdicates its power to issue its own money (Cash) free of interest
4. the State foregoes the income of Seigniorage that comes with producing Cash
5. the State passes its power to create money to the banks – at the cost of its citizen.

By letting banks create Credit in an uncontrolled fashion, while Cash has been consistently reduced over decades, the State fuels a process of “monetary inflation”. This means the steady growth of the supply of “credit money”, which requires interest and compound interest. People thus have to borrow to make interest payments.

Is that not enough to know about the power of creating money and the politics of controlling the supply of Cash versus the creation  of Credit?

World Gold Council is either useless or complicit in gold suppression

The role of gold as the “ultimate money” is hardly understood by politicians and journalists, let alone ordinary voters and taxpayers. As a store of value it is “obvious”, as long as the same bullion is not sold more than once, as described in the article How much imaginary gold has been sold?

The people who do watch it are the professional investors who make money out of money “their way”, by taking personal risks.

It is rather remarkable that and how those investors who specialise in gold and have founded GATA, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, have been showing up flaws that border on fraud!

Here is an excellent article about the World Gold Council.