HOW THE BANKS are screwing you and what you can do about the Illusion of Money aka Credit

I had intended to publish the previous post on We Who Oppose Deception.

But getting the right information to the right people at the right time might as well include such ‘mistakes’ that WordPress offers with its wonderful functionality of reblogging.

Here I wanted to draw attention to the book How the Banks are Screwing you and what you can do about it. I had seen the ad on the website of the Irish Open Your Mind radio station. There I had just listened to the interview with Michael O’Bernicia who learned everything there is to learn about

  • mortgage contracts and how they are not ‘real’
  • money and the difference between ‘real Cash’ and ‘phoney Credit’
  • the insolvency of banks as a reason for NOT lending mortgages.

No, you can’t make it up. It’s all ‘beyond belief’:

  • the satanic ritual abuse and killing of children
  • the illegal actions of banks and their mortgage lenders
  • the illegal activities of judges, court staff and the legal profession – when it’s about secret family courts or illegal mortgages.

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