National Debts

The Forum for Stable Currencies has been created to advocate economic democracy through freedom from national debts, also called public or government debts.

Since the ‘credit crisis’, national debts have been mentioned as big figures. But nobody seems to question their validity or benefits, let alone their damages.

Let’s put it in a nutshell:

  • national governments have been creating Cash (notes and coins) free of interest – as a medium of exchange
  • with the Bank of England Act 1694, the first National Debt was born: £ 1.2 million at 8%
  • since then, other Central Bankers have issued “money” as “Credit” to national governments
  • governments believe they can raise money only by taxing or by borrowing.

What’s the problem?

  • that nobody creates the INTEREST that is necessary to pay off Credit
  • hence we, the voters and consumers, pay taxes so that interest payments on “public debts” can be serviced
  • in the UK, these interest payments constitute similar amounts to military expenditures.

More in our submission to the Treasury Select Committee: Green Credit for Green Purposes and on Public Debts with Vested Interest Payments.

Also in German on Die Geissel der Nationalen Schulden – Wie Völker verwirtschaftet werden, und Europa es besser machen könnte.

More on Public Debts => Problems.

2 responses to “National Debts

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