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The best 3-minute video on the “creation of money” from thin air

Perfectly brilliant animated video:

  • on a British site
  • as “Plan B” for the British economy
  • suggesting to cut bonuses and benefits to bankers..

Too much common sense!…

The Fed: the godfather of the greatest con and cover-up

This video is a recording of the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC News – exposing the banks, the Fed and Congress, framing the Fed as the godfather of the greatest con and cover-up…

Here are more links for the same video:


Gang Stalking World

Banks Create Credit out of Thin Air

This is an interesting post on an interesting blog by an interesting person: Jim Luke, a teacher of economics at a college in Michigan. He gives ‘evidence’ for the fact that banks do create Credit and thus money out of thin air.

Isn’t it an extraordinary case of “the emperor’s clothes”?

Isn’t it extraordinary that they dare to charge interest for that “thin air operation”?

Isn’t it unbelievable that most of the world believes that governments create money and run the economy?

Isn’t it even more unbelievable that governments believe that they have to borrow money and pay interest and charge us citizens taxes to pay for that interest?

Shows you who runs the purse strings, doesn’t it!…

A Banking System We Can Trust (!?)

This article is written by two professors of economics at Boston University. Thus it does not address the “fuel” that flows through the economy. It is “watered down” by “credit money” for the benefit of the financial economy, while clogging up all activities of the real economy.

Making people responsible rather than companies is a good beginning and is part of the system that has evolved, mainly by design, relying and influencing human nature such that it is a call to our conscience, no matter where we stand – at the helm or in the wake of capitalist boats…