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Everything is workin: excellent “positive parody” to “Everything is Broken”

This video of 4.5 minutes is good fun. It shows how “the debt message” can be conveyed in a million and one ways and especially by quoting headlines…

Debt, Credit and Equity

These are ominous words behind which to hide stark realities, above all, of control. Debt and Credit are controlled by banks, equity is controlled by shareholders. Together, they form “institutions” that live longer than their people. They have mission statements, while we, the taxpayers, may be looking for a purpose in our lives.

Money used to be a medium of exchange to facilitate trade. Since it’s virtually only credit by now, it has become a means to control, mainly ownership: access to land, property and other natural resources, rights to ideas and “intellectual property”.

Wealth for all? Millennium Goals? Freedom? Democracy? Stewardship for planet Earth?

It’s a great challenge not to participate in that schizophrenia that we’re are presented with. Still, we live in “interesting” times!

Overlooked solution to credit crunch

This article appeared in The Australian – Online Newspaper of the Year as a remarkable comparison of household and corporate debts.