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The best 3-minute video on the “creation of money” from thin air

Perfectly brilliant animated video:

  • on a British site
  • as “Plan B” for the British economy
  • suggesting to cut bonuses and benefits to bankers..

Too much common sense!…

It’s “media official”: The economic crisis was an ‘inside job’

When the Washington Post publishes The economic crisis was an ‘inside job’, it must be true.

Rejoice in the points that the author makes about the movie Inside Job written and directed by Charles Ferguson.

Dishonest Money – Financing the Road to Ruin

The book Dishonest Money is a remarkable summary of the global money situation that we are all enduring. The chapter titles are:

  1. Money is Power
  2. Something for Nothing
  3. The Bailout
  4. Dreaming of a New World Order
  5. BUILDING a New World Order
  6. Honest and Dishonest Money
  7. The World’s First Central Bank [the Bank of England, established in 1694]
  8. How They Do It
  9. How We Stop Them

An Addendum is about:

  1. Ten Humans and a Banker
  2. Government without Income Tax
  3. We Have the Advantage

The book is expressly written as a beginners guide, and fits that bill extremely well!

Dishonest Money

A second edition of Dishonest Money has become available and tells us in yet another way how fraudulent the creation of money is. Everbody needs to earn, borrow or steal money.

Second Edition of a "One-Day Book"But the Federal Reserve is a banking cartell and they are the writers and implementers of the monetary policy of the US.

Since the dollar is the reserve currency of the world, it effects the whole world.

The author calls himself Joe Plummer and is simply appalled by the power of the monopoly of creating money. He is also aware of the fact that “they” plan to issue a global currency that will be required to pay for oil.

And thus we keep chipping away at “public opinion”, one opinion at a time!…

A radio interview is available here.

Dishonest Money by Joseph Plummer

Dishonest Money was first published online – as Meet the System by Joe the Plummer.

It’s about fractional reserve banking from a US perspective. Well researched and well written.