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What is the National Debt?

This article is written by Bill Sardi who writes about health and political issues from a US perspective.

The article points to Protect & Prosper from the Dollar’s Demise – Turn your Fiat Currency into Real Money.

Expect that National Debt ticker to start spinning…

This blog entry refers to Barack Obama’s spending intentions.

But it seems as if the National Debt has done its job and the Dollar will be replaced by the Amero, so that a new debt game can begin.

And we, the taxpayers? We have to KNOW before we can ACT…

Issue guide: National Debt

This link is part of CitizenJoe’s blog which is about democracy and the “constitutional republic” that the USA was designed to be.

For anybody who wants to understand if, whether and how the mechanism of national debt serves central bankers to use politicians for their purposes.

US National Debt Graph 1950 – 2010

This graph is part of a site that goes into great depth of the US National Debt.

I publish other national, public or sovereign debts on Public Debts for Vested Interest Payments.