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Debt: the First 5000 Years – a new book about an old problem

From David Graeber, the author:


Hello, friendly strangers, I’m delighted to announce my new book….




is finally, finally out!

This is a work of scholarship, and politically engaged, but it’s also an attempt to break out of the usual academic and activist ghettoes, and I wrote it that way because I think that there’s a conversation we need to be having, not just nationally but also globally, that we began to have for a few months after the financial crash of 2008, and which has, since, been indefinitely postponed.

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Issuing Money: a ‘Unique’ Form of ‘Terrorism’!?

The New York SUN has published an interesting Editorial on March 20, 2011:A ‘Unique’ Form for ‘Terrorism’, comparing Bernard von NotHaus who has been coining the Liberty Dollar (site removed due to Court Order!) with Ben Bernanke the boss of the Federal Reserve.

Von Nothaus wanted to bring our monetary system on trial. Now the verdict of the jury is “a lesson in the difficulties of illuminating the illogic of our monetary system”…

When will “it” be common knowledge and generally understood???

World Gold Council is either useless or complicit in gold suppression

The role of gold as the “ultimate money” is hardly understood by politicians and journalists, let alone ordinary voters and taxpayers. As a store of value it is “obvious”, as long as the same bullion is not sold more than once, as described in the article How much imaginary gold has been sold?

The people who do watch it are the professional investors who make money out of money “their way”, by taking personal risks.

It is rather remarkable that and how those investors who specialise in gold and have founded GATA, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, have been showing up flaws that border on fraud!

Here is an excellent article about the World Gold Council.