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Stop the Cash Crumble to Equalize the Credit Crunch is an online petition targeted at the Treasury Select Committee. We also use the shorter titles Money Supply Petition or Public Credit Petition. It asks the Committee to organise an inquiry into the long term development of the money supply, especially with a view to climate change.

More on, the short web address for the page hosted by GoPetition. Easy to remember: rwd means right without doubt…

The article Cash for the Real Economy to frame the historic context for the petition was written for and published by the Accounancy Business and the Public Interest Journal.

Financial Fairness for Voters and Taxpayers, please! is the attempt to attract the attention of the Treasury Select Committee from the angle of effects and victims. In particular, we hope to make the connections between ‘cases’ or ‘victims’ of the financial or legal system and their MPs. Also accessible via

Stop the Oppression of the British people asks HM The Queen to ensure that the Rule of Law is adhered to. For in the Courts, the chambers of barristers and the offices of solicitors, the Rule of Law seesm to have been replaced by the rule of money.

One response to “UK Petitions


    Haringey in London is a place were children and mothers are killed by local authority.
    Human Right is being violated Article 8, family life violated.
    Article 6 right to a fair hearing violated
    Children been drugged to loss their memory,sexually assaulted and Abused by the local authority.
    A place were parent are being tortured ,Assaulted ,humiliated.
    A place were children and parents disappear to avoid evidence against Haringey
    .A place were children are put in care with false allegations.
    A place were parents human right is being Exploited.
    A place were drugs are being planted on parents
    A place were mother have being dead for not been allowed contact to see their children for 4years.
    A place were parents are not allowed to see their children.
    A place were siblings are not allowed to see each other
    .A place were family are being destroyed.
    A place were children are abuse to death by the local Authority.
    A place were the innocent parent are been convicted.
    A place were mother was sent to jail for fighting for the right of her son.
    A place were false allegation is being made against parents.
    A place were children are being stolen to meet adoption targets.
    A place were mothers are Tortured to death by local authority to wipe Evidence and keep children for life.
    A place were the police are being used to assault ,abuse and tortured parents.
    A place were expert and professional are been paid to write a false report and destroy innocent families.
    A place were crime against humanity is being committed by local authority.
    if you are a victim of Rosita Moise ,Maria Foster and Haringey please send your name , address and story to the address below.


    Mr Salim Mamdani Children were removed and put in care by haringey, His wife was Killed by Haringey , Salim is been gagged with an injuction.
    Why will haringey Killed Mrs Salim Mamdani and contact with his children has been stoped by haringey.

    You can contact Mr Salim Mamdami and find out for yourself.
    Mr Salim Tel no :07963521553!/profile.php?id=100001467015628&sk=wall

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