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Wikipedia and the CIA

This article by Dr. Les Sachs left me speechless. Let me know what it does to your mind and soul! It is unfortunately rather verbose, but it does say a lot about Wikipedia. My writing elbows have been slapped once before by anonymous Wikipedia editors. Now I think I understand why.

Here’s a related article in WIRED magazine, that the magic of WordPress suggested: See Who’s Editing Wikipedia – Diebold, the CIA, a Campagin

My article on “Quantitative easing” on BlogCritics

My first article has been published on the BlogCritics magazine under Politics. Describing themselves as a “sinister cabal of superior writers”, they use a sophisticated publishing platform and count on more than 100,000 visitors daily and more than 2,500 writers.

BlogCritics was established in 2002 and is clearly a beacon in the Blogosphere, amplifying what is happening on the web.

Quantitative easing on Wikipedia

Here’s what I added to the definition of quantitative easing as a ‘monetary tool’:

“Quantitative easing can also be called a misleading term. For to equal ‘ease’ with ‘increase’ is inaccurate on linguistic and mathematical levels. What is furthermore misleading, is the assumption that the money supply is only provided by central banks – as credit to national governments.

In reality, the money supply of a sovereign country has two sources: notes and coins printed and minted free of interest by the State, also called Cash, and Credit, issued out of thin air at interest, by banks.

To ‘ease’ the ‘quantities’ of money in circulation by increasing Credit means practicing usury.”