Who creates the Money for Paying Interest on Credit?

This is an excellent summary of essential points made by G. Edward Griffin in his remarkable book The Creature from Jekyll Island.

On the founding of the Federal Reserve

An excellent book by by G Edward Griffin

Given the current crisis situation, it seems obvious, just as Dr. Yunus suggests, to forget about governments and institutions and “just do it”.

From my point of view, that means using private local or regional currencies as interest-free money.

However, this also means including the “authority” of an organisation before people will trust another mechanism than what they are used to.

In any case, the exchange mechanism with conventional money will always remain a point of discussion.


One response to “Who creates the Money for Paying Interest on Credit?

  1. Q: Who creates money to pay the interest?
    A: Currently, there is no mechanism to create debt free money – that is the only way to pay off interest.

    We have a way.
    Learn about it at moneyaswealth.blogspot.com

    In addition to creating debt free money, this concept will fund a rebuild of crumbling infrastructure – debt free, create millions of jobs and eliminate taxing to build roads and bridges.

    Game. Set. Match.

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