Money is Debt – Debt is Money

This is a quote from Peter Joseph, the creator and director of Zeitgeist the Movie and part 2, Zeitgeist Addendum, which goes into the depth of the monetary system and a remarkable interview with ‘economic hitman’ John Perkins.

The interview can be seen on video here.

As a solution, Peter Joseph suggests The Venus Project. Based on my experiences in the UK, I’m taking a more down-to-earth approach via stable currencies.

One response to “Money is Debt – Debt is Money

  1. Efficiency, Automation, and Free Energy are our keys to freedom. Money stands in the way of these things.

    Money is corrupt, broken and obsolete. We can’t continue like this any longer – slaving away for ipods while the third world starves and the planet burns.

    It’s time to get rid of money and work towards a Resource Based Economy.

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