George Soros on Bailing out Banks

This article in the FT on Jan 22 points out the cornerstones that define the essence of corporate power: equity and money as control. The question is who is in control: of issuing money, toxic assets, good and bad banks.

The former US Treasury secretary Hank Paulson’s proposal was supposedly similar to the current one, which boils down to the Fed ‘guaranteeing’ those toxic assets via a ‘toxic aggregator bank’.

Instead,  George Soros is proposing

  • an equity injection scheme
  • a cut in minimum capital requirements for banks.

It doesn’t remove the Fed’s power, but it seems, as if at least wouldn’t widen it.

Another article by George Soros on his site is The Crisis & What do to Do About it doesn’t go to the heart of central banks, but at least questions the current paradimg of ‘markets tending toward equilibrium’.

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