The Banking Crisis before the Treasury Committee

Our submission is one of 69 memoranda that the Committee and its clerks are processing. After the deadline, another nine documents were compiled into a third document.

They are compiled in two documents of written evidence that can be downloaded here.

However, these volumes of submissions are not yet an approved final record of the written evidence by the Committee. The covers say that this has to be made clear.

The first document is 293 pages long with 35 submissions. It also contains:

No. 5: Shelter, to protect people at risk of repossession

No. 7: the Campaign for Community Banking Services (CCBS)

No. 21: The Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change at the University of Manchester which “presents argument and evidence which suggests

• that banking is not a suitable activity for shareholder-value driven PLCs
• It shows how the pursuit of shareholder interests from the 1980s onwards encouraged new business models which undermined banking’s basic utility functions and damaged the interests of depositors and borrowers.
• The crisis since 2007 dramatises the need for new policies of damage limitation as long as PLC organisation and shareholder value prevail and also for more radical policies to encourage the remutualisation of banking.” [Amen]

No. 23: An interesting report from a retired banker who started 60 years ago as a clerk in a major clearing bank.

No. 26: James Robertson

No. 28: Christian Aid and ActionAid

No. 33: Which?

Our submission is no. 67 in the second volume of 270 pages:

No 42 is from Prof Prem Sikka

No. 59 from Ron Morrison, publisher of Scottish Monetary Reform

No. 66 by T W R Davies


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