Legalized Usury on Video

“Who are you working for? The banks – along with the corporations and the governments who support them…

One of the most ingenious scams for social manipulation ever created.

DEBT is the weapon used to conquer and enslave societies, and INTEREST is its prime ammunition.”

While these quotations are taken from the video, the interesting opening is the reference to a Minnesota court case from 1969. Jerome Daly challenged the foreclosure of his house. His argument was that the mortgage contract requires both parties to put up a legitimate form of property for the exchange. This is called “consideration”.

Mr. Daly explained that the money was NOT the property of the bank, for it was created, out of nothing, when the agreement was signed…

The judge ruled that the foreclosure was DENIED, for the money used is an “illegitimate form of consideration”!

Enjoy watching:

  • perpetual wealth transfer
  • modern slavery
  • controlling labour by controlling wages
  • how can society ever be debt-free?
  • an invisible war against the population with a new type of soldier: the economic hitman.

This video is labelled Zeitgeist Addendum 3/13.


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