What is the National Debt?

This article is written by Bill Sardi who writes about health and political issues from a US perspective.

The article points to Protect & Prosper from the Dollar’s Demise – Turn your Fiat Currency into Real Money.


2 responses to “What is the National Debt?

  1. The national debt is the number that has to be publicized that indicates the dismal future for a government. There are plenty of other numbers in the background that are a good indication that TPTB are undermining any public future a government may have had…

    • Thanks, Mike! The National Debt indicates even more than the dismal future, methinks: it indicates the ruthless and irresponsible past – way across the lifetimes of individuals. And thus debt-based money is used to keep institutions going that have been creating more dismal futures than necessary for a long, long time!…

      Let’s make a difference! Let’s do it better! Let’s find and support alternatives!

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